Eurotech Communication Ltd, a privately held company, is a leader in development and production of telecommunications equipment, VoIP gateway and Sim Server solutions since 1999.

Eurotech focuses on: 
Business- to- Business, Business-to-Customer and Business-to-Government sectors.

With a solid international market presence throughout all 5 continents

Offering cost saving and cost wise solutions to Enterprise, Corporate and Small businesses.
A range of voip gateway and sim server products interconnecting mobile networks via Voip, ISDN , PSTN
to GSM (2G), UMTS (3G), LTE (4G), CDMA

Our strengths and success are in our R&D, software and hardware manufacture (In-House).
Re-investing of revenues back into R&D.

Eurotech Communication constantly reviews new innovative solutions for future product design,
and the implementation of new features for existing products, required by our customers in the field.
Due to our full knowledge of the production S/W & H/W IN-House, we are able to give a quick response to new features and developments for our customers

Eurotech Communication maintains a sturdy customer relationship, long term,  and with recognized Distributors throught the world.

VISION – “A global firm dedicated to development and progress at the highest standards”

MISSION – “To provide cost saving equipment at affordable prices”

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