2015 Launch of "Intelicomm" - communication solutions for HLS market

2014 launch of Hosting management Sim Server

2014 launch of 32 ch UMTS 3G 1U

2014 launch of 4ch UMTS 3G

2014 Launch of NEW  GW/Sim Server 8ch/128 Sims 1U

2013 Launch of  NEW Sim Server 3U 512/1248 Sims

2012 Launch of the 32ch 1U 2E1/VoIP Gateway 

2011 Launch of the 2E1/VoIP Media Gateway

2010 Launch of the 8ch/64sim Sim Server

2009 Launch of the Eurotech Sim Server & Sms Server

2008 Launch of Voip2All Series: 2ch, 4ch, and 8-16ch

2004 Launch of PRI ISDN units

2003 Approved ISO QS 9001 development, production, installation of telecommunication products and peripherals.

2002 Launch of BRI ISDN

2001 Launch of FCT Analog Series: Single channel Gateway, Dual channel Gateway, Follow Me Router, and Remote Fax Gateway

1999 Foundation of Eurotech Communication Ltd.
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