Intelicomm Brand

Intelicomm Brand

Intelligent communications

With communications experience for direct/critical communications support and consultation. A vast experience and knowledge in development, design and manufacture of instant communication network solutions and products for mission critical applications.

Innovative products with excellent quality and superb service has resulted in product sales world-wide.
A leading company in the field of instant mobile communications, specializing in voice communications, video, and data devices with/without any infrastructure and with wireless mesh networking products designed for extreme environments

Natural disasters can happen anytime and anywhere, at short notice. 
Earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis are unpredictable, hurricanes and floods, predictable but still harmful, causing demolition and chaos.
Man-made disasters war, terrorism, crime,
All leaving the community infrastructure defenceless and seriously challenged

InteliComm offers a “Continuous Communications System” 
That can be deployed to the affected area instantly to restore essential communications vital to successful recovery within minutes
The system provides the capabilities necessary to re-establish voice communications, video and data and provides interoperability among first responders police, fire, ambulance and the supporting military units assigned to assist in disaster recovery areas.

Anytime Anywhere 
 InteliComm is the solution
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