Fusion of networks Secure Deployable Case

Fusion of networks Secure Deployable Case

 The FUSION gateway is
a quick crisis communication solution,
backpacked, motorbiked or on a vehicle 
and setup within minutes

When all communication collapses
Internet , cellular,  HOW DO  YOU COMMINCATE ?

The FUSION gateway generated by battery power, when turned on and putting up a lightweight antenna 9M( fibre carbon),

gives an immediate WI-FI bubble of 2.5 KM radius.
You also have an on demand satellite connection (Iridium)
It is possible to increase the coverage area with lightweight battery powered mesh nodes

Now how do I use it?
Inside the FUSION GATEWAY there is the following:

Android application :
  1. Voice-               call and messaging between 32 authorised personnel
  2. Text-                  messaging and data transfer
  3. Video-               call and video transfer
  4. Grouping          calls, text and video among group and between groups
  5. GEO-Location   coordinates of person, name, immediate text or call
  6. Mapping            set to Immediate area map
  7. PTT                     push to talk within the group or other groups
The FUSION gateway also provides:
  1. Satellite             communication to satellite 1or 2 lines
  2. UHF/VHF            optional connection with existing networks/handsets
  3. Base station      optional 3G/4G network to a 20 KM radius

Note: It is also possible to integrate a BGAN satellite connection for messaging, data and video transfer


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