Eurotech Communication Ltd a leading provider of GSM/VoIP gateway and Sim Server solutions

The SIM Server solution allows you to choose the best Cellular network and operators price plan.
GSM/VoIP gateway's are deployed in several locations or across continents.
The gateway architecture manages the SIM Server and the SIM allocation without the need of human intervention and with the sim cards in a single location.
According to the best rate, IE time of the day, calls are routed to the chosen SIM card without ever exceeding plans.
  • Save on travel expense and time
  • Save the cost of ‘on site’ technicians
  • Save the down time between maintenance
  • Control and manage this system from the office via IP (Web GUI)

The SIM Server supports simultaneous access with the following range of product:
 64 sim cards, 192 Sim cards (1U), 256 Sim cards (3U), 512 Sim cards(3U), 1248 Sim cards*(3U)

Typical applications are to use the device as a central SIM Server in distributed GSM (2G)/ CDMA / UMTS (3G) networks.

* in development

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