Eurotech Communication Ltd offers VoIP Gateway's and Sim Server solutions.
A range of VoIP Gateways connecting to all cellular networks GSM (2G) / CDMA / UMTS (3G) / LTE* (4G),
From a 2 channel till 32 channel Gateway, with inter-mix possibilities of cellular network types in the same unit. 

All our VoIP Gateways are SIP Client / SIP Server, (SIP / H323).
The VoIP Gateways can be utilized as either a stand-alone Gateway or in a Sim Server solution.
The VoIP Gateways & SIM Server solutions, minimize investment cost and reduce the overall cost of local
and international calls.

Compatible software for SMS Server available (Additional)
The VoIP Gateways are recommended for Call Centres, Termination, Origination, Corporate, SMB & SOHO

*future innovation

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